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Home » Daniel Franco’s father gives update, son undergoes further surgery

Daniel Franco’s father gives update, son undergoes further surgery

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Franco, 25, already underwent surgery for a double bleed on the brain over the weekend, although father Al Franco released the following statement to update on a further operation needed.

“Daniel had emergency surgery last night to repair bleeding in the epidural hematoma region of the brain. His initial surgery was to repair bleeding in the subdural hemotoma area,” he explained.

“The doctors decided to keep part of his skull off this time to help with the pressure. It will remain off for at least six weeks and he will continue to be monitored under strict doctor supervision.

“Please continue to pray for him. Continue saying his name, just help sending positive vibes out. My family and I appreciate everyone’s love and support in our darkest times.

“I personally have never felt this much love, fear and pain in my life. I’m lost but I have to maintain as strong as I can be.

“I will continue to keep everyone posted and please continue sharing his go fund me page. Thank you all from the bottom of my broken heart.

“I love you son – God Bless.”

A much-loved, promising and talented young man, Franco has the boxing world pullng for him to make a full recovery – if possible.

Opponent Haro has already released his own words of encouragement to Franco as the sport takes a back seat to what is important – every fighter’s health.