Burnett v Haskins judge banned from UK, mixes up fighters despite BOTH having names on shorts

WBN 11/06/2017


British Boxing Board of Control Secretary Robert Smith confirmed judge Clark Sammartino would not be welcomed back to the UK following his recent working trip. 

Sammartino, from Rhode Island in the United States, handed in a scorecard judging the wrong fighter in Belfast on Saturday night, causing a huge shock in the Lee Haskins v Ryan Burnett world title fight.

Whilst Burnett dominated the contest to win the IBF bantamweight title, Sammartino scored two 10-8 rounds for Haskins, despite the now former champion hitting the canvas himself twice in the fight.

Speaking to Sky Sports in the aftermath, Smith confirmed Sammartino had given the ‘wrong scorecard’ as the American mixed up the fighters despite BOTH having their names on their shorts.

It’s a terrible mistake to make and could now have an effect on whether Sammartino gets employed anywhere in the future, but certainly won’t be heading to British shores.

Promoter Eddie Hearn, who has clearly livid as the scoring was revealed, has since stated what was originally feared – a certain case of mistaken identity.

“He scored two 10-8 rounds to Haskins. His scorecard was excellent: it was just the wrong way around,” Hearn told the BBC.

“I’ve never seen anything like it.

“I presume the split decision will be revoked. It’ll be a unanimous decision, it must be. But I’ve never seen anything like it.”

WBN have moved to change the score to 119-107 (twice) and 118-108 to Burnett and presume the same will be done by the IBF in the not too distant future.