Roach: Pacquiao without a bad shoulder beats Mayweather, we’d love to get him one more time

Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquiao Pay Per View

Naoki Fukuda

Top trainer Freddie Roach remains insistent Manny Pacquiao would defeat Floyd Maymeather Jr. if the pair fought each other at 100 percent capacity.

Pacquiao, 38, lost to Mayweather two years ago in the most lucrative fight of all time but later revealed a shoulder injury was present prior to the encounter which hampered him throughout.

Roach has been hopeful ever since of Mayweather offering a second chance and reiterated that when speaking to Jenna J for On the Ropes Radio in an interview this week.

“I would love for that to happen but it seems like he’s stuck on McGregor right now,” Roach told the show speaking on Mayweather’s desire to face the UFC title holder and MMA star.

“I’m unsure what’s going to happen right there because I don’t think the sports mix that well, McGregor would have to take five years to fight Mayweather.

“Mayweather is a very crafty boxer and we would love to get him one more time, but that still remains to be seen.

Asked who he’d feel if the rematch never happened, Roach answered: “I would be disappointed, I would love to get that fight.

“A lot of people thought that Manny won the first one anyways, and I think if he didn’t have a bad shoulder at that time, I think we would have.

“That’s the fight game, how many times do go into a fight being 100% healthy? Almost never, getting ready for fights is very difficult,” added Roach.

Listen to the full interview with Roach here