Exclusive: Ex-opponent Ryan Rhodes explains why Canelo will defeat GGG

Joe Hewlett 08/06/2017

Ed Mulholland / HBO

It has now been confirmed GGG and Canelo will fight each other at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on September 16.

The pair will commence battle for supremacy in the middleweight division in what has been labelled a fight which could go either way.

However, Ryan Rhodes, who fought and lost to Canelo Alvarez can only see the Mexican being raised the winner.

“As soon as GGG came onto the scene and everybody was saying he was the next big superstar and would dominate the division but I’ve said since day one that Canelo would beat him,” Rhodes exclusively told World Boxing News.

“People will say I am only saying this because I have shared the ring with him, no that’s not the reason – I’ve been in boxing for long enough to understand it and I don’t say things just for the people who I wanna hear it, I believe Canelo’s got the style, the ability, the technique and power to beat GGG.

Rhodes has dismissed the claims that Canelo dodged Golovkin and has insisted it makes sense financially for both to finally settle their grudge match.

“People said that Canelo vacated his title beforehand because he didn’t want to fight GGG, he vacated it because it wasn’t the right time for him,” he said.

“What they would have got paid back then if they had fight compared to now, wouldn’t have been half as much. They are now earning double and it makes business sense, it didn’t take as long as it took for Mayweather and Pacquiao so that’s a relief.

“Mega-fights don’t get done overnight, the fighters, promoters, trainers and everybody else have to agree in the deal and it’s probably taken three years to make but one hell of a fight it’s going to be.

“GGG hasn’t been paid big money like this, Kell Brook fight was his biggest purse today and they will think they can beat Canelo but they would have taken it for the pay cheque as well and that’s what it’ all about.”

The former European champion is expecting GGG to perform to a higher level than last seen against Danny Jacobs.

“My money is going on Canelo, I think he beats him on points. I’m not gonna say by a big margin but he wins by two or three points. I don’t see him stopping GGG but he’ll outwork him.

“If I’m honest, (reflecting on GGG’s last fight) I think he’s burnt himself out, he’s been real busy during the last few years – It’s not the fights that take it out of you, it’s the training camps and when you’re fighting three times a year, it can exhaust you.

“He’s a much better fighter than what we saw against Danny Jacobs and he’ll perform better than what we saw recently,” Rhodes predicted.

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95