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Home » ‘This is not the world our children deserve’ – Mauricio Sulaiman comments on London attacks

‘This is not the world our children deserve’ – Mauricio Sulaiman comments on London attacks

I was happy to see many friendly faces and to meet some new ones, all boxing commissioners from all over Europe.

That night we all gathered to watch the final game of the Champions League with a masterful performance of Real Madrid winning 4-1 against Italy’s Juventus. Poor Salvatore Cherchi and Mauro Betti were upset, but at the end we all went to bed with a happy feeling of a great day of boxing work.

We woke up the next morning to learn of the tragic events which have once again struck our world, this time in London. Our prayers go out to the victims and their families, to the British community and the youth of the world, as we live in a very small world which has become so fragile and volatile.

Our praise goes to the U.K. Police who, in only eight minutes executed the aggressors, but the praise also goes to the many civilians who faced the attackers with bravery, risking their lives trying to save the lives of others.

This is not the world our children deserve.

It is up to each individual to make a difference and take actions. We cannot stand still and simply continue to be observers. It is society that needs to stand up and move and make many different things that can shift this madness into a better world.

How? What can we do individually and collectively?

Start by your own actions. Become a better human being, be positive, stop aggressions, voice your concerns and report wrong doings.

Promote values and family integration. Family is the base of life, give love to your kids and loved ones, educate them with care and concern. Promote family activities.

Get moving. Practice sports, practice boxing, promote physical activities.

Give your phone a break! Stop and enjoy life, enjoy what is around you, leave your phone off during meals, during family and friends gatherings.

Pray, regardless of religion and beliefs. Prayers heal the soul and bring calm feelings, positive thoughts, and unity.

Boxing is a great sport which has tremendous influence on millions around the world. It is that friendly hand that reaches out to those who find few opportunities in life. A kid in a gym changes his or her life, and the lives of their families, their neighborhood.

Through boxing, drugs and vandalism are battled and conquered.

You might not change the world in one day, but you may join others to change your surroundings and the collectively create a better world for yours and those close to you.

I am not a preacher, nor am I trying to lecture anyone. I am just a person who, like most of us, is saddened to see so much violence and indifference, and I know one person can make the difference – you can make the difference.