Krzysztof Kosela intent on making impression in England

Craig Birch 06/06/2017

‘The cattleman’ Krzysztof Kosela will be looking to bulldoze through Chris Healey when he makes his UK debut at the Venue in Dudley on Friday night.

Kosela will fly into the country this week to take his place for a six-round contest between him and Healey, writes Your Sport Black Country editor Craig Birch.

The 29-year-old stands an imposing 6ft 7ins and weighs 18st. He’s raced to 10 wins in his homeland as a professional, with nine TKOs having only gone the distance on his debut.

Healey has also boxed 10 times in a paid ring but on our shores and comes into battle under the tutelage of Oliver Harrison.

The left-hander from Stockport has seven victories, with two stoppages, and three defeats having been halted twice himself.

The two will touch gloves in the Black Country, subject to British Boxing Board of Control, with Kosela a man of simple means.

He works by day as a farmer in the small Polish village of Wierzbica, where one of his jobs is to herd over 50 bulls.

The animals can be unpredictable and dangerous, traits which befall Kosela when the bell rings to fight.

He said: “I train for boxing in my spare time. There is a long line of farmers in my family. It requires hard work, from daylight until dusk, seven days a week.

“I’ve been told ‘choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ My profession is what drives me and I can’t get tired of it.

“I train nine times a week, including six boxing training and three strength and conditioning. As for the bulls, they are very aggressive animals and I’m the only one to approach them.

“Everyone else frightens them. Bulls can break your hand or leg or easily squash you. I’ve been in numerous situations when a bull attacked me.

“I have to be careful and stay aware all of the time. I’m dealing with 50 to 125st bulls on a daily basis, forcing them to follow me. Trust me, when I’m in the ring I fear no one.

“I’m a humble man and I smile a lot, but all my potential opponents should think twice before fighting me, because I’m coming here for a reason and that’s to win a fight.

“My confidence comes from the life, I’ve been working for this for many years. I greet all boxing fans. Beware England, the cattleman is coming!”

Kosela prefers substance over style, which has put paid to nine out of 10 opponents inside-the-distance so far.

He said: “I’m trying to develop my own unique style, that will work for me. I’m not a boxing virtuoso, but I’m strong and the physical conditions are on my side.

“In the future, I hope to benefit from both my boxing style and physical conditions and it helps me to win important battles. It’s a time to jump into the ring and show my boxing skills.”

The main event has also been subject to change, with Tyler Denny facing a new opponent for the British Masters middleweight title because of Mike Byles’ withdrawal through injury.

Denny will battle for the belt with Anthony Fox, who caused two-weight Midlands champion Craig Cunningham problems before he was outpointed on his last visit to the West Midlands.

The under-card will provide four-round action for Les Byfield, Kane Baker, Shaun Cooper and CJ Challenger, who have all been matched.

Tickets, priced at £35 and £50 ringside with waitress service, are available now by calling 07976 283 157. Alternatively, contact any of the boxers in the home corner on Facebook.