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Home » Exclusive: IBF #1 Sergey Lipinets on Julius Indongo seeking Terence Crawford unification exception

Exclusive: IBF #1 Sergey Lipinets on Julius Indongo seeking Terence Crawford unification exception

Speculation has surfaced over the last few days that the IBF may grant their current champion Julius Indongo an exception to unify the title along with his WBA strap to face WBC/WBO champion Terence Crawford to crown an undisputed champion, which is in play for later on in the year.

Eddie Hearn, the promoter of Matchroom put out in an interview yesterday that August 12 is being discussed for the bout with Terence Crawford and Julius Indongo, which will likely take place in Crawford’s hometown of Omaha, Nebraska.

The bout between the two champions in the division is looking likely to take place at this point. Lipinets says he isn’t bothered who he faces, he only wants a shot at the title that he is obligated to. He has been very vocal on social media since news broke that a bout was being negotiated between the pair. Although he doesn’t care who he faces for the title, he is hoping a resolution is put on the table soon.

”I believe it will unravel this coming up week no matter what happens,” Lipinets exclusively told World Boxing News.

”I’m putting my thoughts out on Twitter because it’s just another way put my name out there and also show the boxing world that I believe that what I had achieved thus far in my pro boxing career should be recognized at the very least,” continued Lipinets.

Lipinets confirmed he would rather rip the title away from the challenger, but because it’s out of his hands he isn’t holding out any hope that he will get the opportunity. His team are working hard to make sure he gets the next shot, although no opponent is clear if the title was to become vacant for Lipinets.

”I have the best managers in the world, Al Haymon became my idol after I watched what he had done with the world of boxing and never ever had I doubted that they ll get it done,” stated Lipinets.

”No disrespect to any of my past or future opponents look at the level of the opposition that I already had faced and it is my firm belief that my last four opponents would have probably beat Julius Indongo giving the opportunity. Either way just look at their first 12 opponents and look at mine.”

Lipinets, who turned professional in April 2014, is yet to hear about any confirmation regarding the status of the belt and stands firm on his belief that he will be next challenger for the title. If a unification bout between Crawford and Indongo takes place, it will only be three of the championships.

”As my manager explained that to me, team Indongo are looking for bigger and better deals which is fully understandable. But one thing I know for sure that regardless of if that fight will take place or not the IBF belt has got my name on it.”

Julius Indongo defeated Scotsman Ricky Burns back in April to unify the titles, with the winner expected to begin negotiations with the 28-year-old Lipinets for a summer clash. After the fight, Indongo claimed to have picked up an injury and filled paperwork for a medical exemption to the IBF.

”The whole deal with Julius Indongo and Terence Crawford has been up in air for while and I don’t really care if that fight will take place,” continued Lipinets.

”In any case we still have not had the confirmation from team Indongo fighting Terence Crawford anyway so it’s all on a standby mode.”

For Lipinets, who now resides in Beverely Hills in California, says he is eager to get back in the ring as soon as possible. His last outing was a seventh-round stoppage over Clarence Booth in March. He went into the bout after agreeing a deal with Julius Indongo that he can unify with Burns whilst he awaits the winner.

”Everyone is an expert in telling me that I should step aside and let Terence Crawford and Julius Indongo square up and that pisses me off. For the simple reason that I’m not mother Teresa and just because Top Rank or anyone else have an agenda, it’s definitely not our team’s agenda,” stated Lipinets.

”Should Julius Indongo decide to fight me it’s all good and dandy, should he go on and fight Terence Crawford he will end up using only two of his belts, the WBA and IBO. At that point I’m fighting whoever the IBF will put in front of me. I’m a fighter and I get ready for whoever as soon as know the date and the name,” he continued.

Lipinets is currently training despite his future surrounding his next move is unclear, he claims he enjoys being over looked by some fans, but understands how eager they are to see an undisputed title fight, the last fighter to hold all four recognised world championships was Jermaine Taylor at middleweight after defeating Bernard Hopkins in 2006.

”My message to the boxing world is very simple I’m going after my IBF first and then whoever has the rest of my belts gear up, because one way or the other I ll be coming to get it.”

”Everyone is looking at my tapes and got a plan but it all changes when the lights will come one. I don’t crumble under the pressure or bright lights it actually fuels me up and if you are still standing in the last round then you better run.”

Cameron Gillon is a contributor to WBN. Follow on Twitter @CameronGillon_