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Home » Sam Hyde back in action June 16 at B.E.C Arena

Sam Hyde back in action June 16 at B.E.C Arena

Hyde has been punch perfect in his last couple of outings, overcoming avoided former Cameroon Olympian Blaise Mendouo over six rounds in the process. Hyde now looks to kick on an opened up on how preparation has gone for June 16.

He said, “Training has gone, this is my 11th pro fight and I’ve experienced injury’s and absolute nightmares in training camp and entered fights at 50%. I know my body now, and I’m loving it.”

Hyde has been sharing the legendary Champ Camp gymnasium in Manchester with another highly rated Cruiserweight, Tommy McCarthy. Hyde gave his take on how sparring with McCarthy has gone and how it has helped him in the lead up to his top of the bill clash on June 16.

“Sparring has been great this Camp. I’ve really impressed people around me with how I’ve been sparring. Tommy is a good fighter and I learn a lot each round. It’s brought the best out of me.”

Hyde’s reputation is growing in Manchester, and it is safe to say the Sale man will be looking to put on another explosive performance on June 16 at the B.E.C Arena. Hyde elaborated on what the immediate future holds for him.

‘Nowhere 2’ said, “My fan base is growing, I’m still only 23. I take each fight at a time, but I’m hoping to pick up a nice title by the end of this year, and be involved in great fights for my development.

“By next year I believe I’ll be top 10 in country and hopefully this opens some big doors for me to showcase my talent, and I’ll be ready.

“I’m putting on a great show, and a great fight on June 16. The harder the fight the better.

“With the way I’ve been training and sparring, I don’t believe this will go to the score cards. I’m hoping he gives me a real tough fight! And give my fan base a show.”

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