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Mark Jeffers continues pro learning curve June 16 in Manchester

Jeffers, who is highly touted by former WBO World title challenger Jennings, has made a solid start to life in the professional ranks, winning all four of his fights convincingly.

The teenage prodigy opened up about his progression in the professional ranks under the Jennings team.

He said, “Progression is going perfectly so far. Obviously Mick and Dave train me and also manager me so they know what I can do.

“It’s just about taking my time at the moment as I’m still only 19 so yeah very happy with where I’m at 4-0 and I’ll continue to listen to my coaches.”

Many would argue that Professional Boxing is more about the science than the violence. Chorley based Jeffers elaborated on what improvements he had made under the guidance of the Jennings clan.

“Since joining the Jennings Gym my defence has come on leaps and bounds and my footwork has too but I generally have improved in every department.”

Coach Michael Jennings had a career that many prospects would dream of which including numerous major title victories and headlining Madison Square Garden against modern day great Miguel Cotto. Jeffers gave his take on what it’s like to work with the Lancashire great and what fight fans can expect on June 16 on PBE’s show at the B.E.C Arena.

He said, “Working with Michael Jennings, who has boxed at Madison Square Garden, shows he knows how to get there and what it takes.

“He knows the things that didn’t work for him and won’t make them mistakes with me.

Jeffers continued, “Everyone who will be watching June 16 can expect excitement, combinations and plenty of skills that we have been working on in the gym.

“I’m very excited to be on a PBE show in Manchester. It’s great exposure for me to show everyone how good I really am and fans in attendance or watching online will see that on the night. I’d also like to say a massive thanks to the team at PBE for giving me the chance to show everyone what I can do.”

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