Sam Storey talks hosting Totana Sparring Camp in Spain this summer

Chris Glover 29/05/2017

Sam Storey’s Totana Sparring Camp will host a massive variety of amateur and pro boxers from all over the world between July 2-8.

The brainchild of the former British Champion and Lonsdale Belt Winner is to bring boxers from all over the world together for 5 days of intense sparring. This idea of Storey’s is better explained in his own words.

He said, “The idea is to bring boxers from all over the world together to spar and train at the one time.”

“The idea came to me when I recalled my experience in Lake Placid training camp as part of the Irish Olympic team. We were preparing for the LA Olympics in 1984. I realised that an experience like this could be a great opportunity and possible motivator for all boxers, not solely reserved for national squads.”

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s a boy, girl, junior, senior, novice or elite boxer; every fighter will have sparring available for them at their own level.”

The former WBO World title challenger continued, “I’ll be overseeing everything including the accommodation, meal plans, training options, local transport and of course the sparring matches. This is not about me, all the coaches have their own training plans. It’s my job to make sure they get everything they need for their team. We all work together to ensure the smooth running of the camp for everyone’s benefit.”

Storey’s vast experience includes amateur and pro accolades such as: Commonwealth Championships silver medal, challenging Chris Eubank for WBO world title, challenging Henry Wharton for European Title plus winning the British Super Middleweight title 3 times.

“We have numerous international teams heading here in July so it’s a great opportunity for any boxer to come over and improve their skills in an environment of excellence that allows them to train alongside the best the sport has to offer.”

“It’s great when all the trainers mix with all the fighters. Last year it was fabulous to see the boxers really benefitting from the experience of working out on the pads with different trainers. So many commented on how much they learnt just by living and breathing boxing for the duration of the camp. Above all, it was the camaraderie that stood out, so many new and lasting friendships were forged in an atmosphere of pure boxing.”

Storey’s gym, in Totana Murcia, has everything a boxer could want. Fighters training at the base have access to top class accommodation and food, Olympic size pool, 800m running track, strength and conditioning suite and of course a boxing gymnasium which homes an Olympic size ring.


Storey opened up on how he ended up running the gym in the Murcia region of Spain.

“I came over to Spain ten years ago. I was not actively involved in boxing at that time although I had been writing a boxing column for the Sunday people and I often appeared as a TV commentator on pro boxing shows. My career as a motivational and keynote speaker was the next exciting chapter in my life which I continue to love. However, I was persuaded to start training a few of the locals as they were aware of what I’d achieved in my boxing career.”

“From there it grew and grew and now the gym is set up and registered with the Spanish Boxing Federation. I have now run multi nation AIBA tournaments, the last one was attended by 16 different nations. In addition to many warm weather training camps and this sparring camp.”

More information on Totana Sparring Camp and Sam Storey’s gym can be found by emailing sam@samstorey.com