Shocker: Mosley reveals ex-wife wanted vasectomy and title belts from De La Hoya fight in settlement

Missy Scott 27/05/2017
Shane Mosley

Sumio Yamada

There was a bittersweet ending for Jin Mosley in her defamation case against former husband and famed boxer “Sugar” Shane Mosley.

On Friday, May 26, 2017 in Los Angeles, testimony revealed Jin had a sordid past including working as a stripper and an escort.

Mr. Mosley stated on the witness stand he found out Jin had a criminal background including an arrest for larceny and court ordered anger management for an assault case in 2005. emotional outbursts at her friends 2 children which

She was prone to emotional outbursts at her friends and two children which was collaborated by Jin’s former best friend Nicole Davis.

After a four day trial, Jin Mosley’s attempt to clear her name was only marginally successful because the testimony brought out more secrets from he closet.

Although she was successful at barring a long time friend Rodney Singleton from testifying against her on a technicality, Mr.Singleton was more than happy to discuss the case outside of court.

“I have known Jin since she was 17 and escaped from South Oaks Mental Hospital in Long Island. She told me numerous times it was her dream to marry a celebrity and trap him, and she dated a bunch of them including Damon Dash, before Shane but they were all too smart to marry her.

“I tried to warn Shane a few times, but Jin is a cold piece of work. She was working at the strip club and was an escort when I knew her and seems like she still has the same attitude.”

This was apparently not clear to the jury however who after a day and a half of deliberations and came back with a verdict for the plaintiff. “The jury had 4

“The jury had four Asians and nine women. The judge was Asian and would not let our witnesses testify. It was not a fair trial at all in my opinion,” Shane Mosley told our reporter when asked about the nominal amount of $75,000 awarded to Jin.

Post trial, several jurors stuck around to take interviews and had conflicting opinions of the outcome as only nine were needed to obtain the verdict.

Three jurors adamantly insisted that Shane Mosley should have been found innocent because there was a clear 2006 divorce, but the other 9 jurors said it was hard for them to ignore the 2002 divorce without proof it was vacated. Proof that Mr. Mosley’s team claim they went to great lengths to obtain.

New York State seals all divorce proceedings, and the only person available able to obtain the documents were Mrs. Mosley who refused to do so even after being asked to provided the files for her deposition in this case.

On the witness stand, Jin Mosley testified to the fact that she did move to California with Mr. Mosley in 2000 after his famed win over Oscar De La Hoya, and remained a resident of the state bearing all three of the Mosley children in California from 2001 to 2003.

Marc Little, attorney for Mr. Mosley, the defendant in the case made it clear they believe this to be the reason the 2002 case was later set aside making way for the 2006 divorce.

In the State of New York any party filing a divorce must have been a resident for more than two years prior, which Jin Mosley testified that she was not. It is unclear if the 2002 divorce was later vacated and “this fact may remain a mystery as long as Jin Mosley refuses to turn over the file for inspection,” said Mr. Little, in his closing argument.

After court, Mr. Mosley vowed to make sure the truth was revealed and appeal the decision, in this case by stating: “I will not stop fighting. Jin testified that she lived in California since 2000. How could she be divorced in New York in 2002 if they require you to be a resident?”

While Jin Mosley appears to walk away with a win today the many bombshells that came out in the trial hurt her already marred reputation.

Mr. Mosley testified: “Jin demanded I get a vasectomy in our divorce settlement,” but the judge “refused to order that”.

Jin also, “refused to settle the divorce until I agreed to give her my championship belts I won against Oscar De La Hoya,” said Mosley in a somber tone during his testimony.

Mr. Artan, attorney for Mrs. Mosley did not follow up with any questions about the vasectomy or belts, clearly avoiding the subject, which painted his client to be an unrelentingly and petty adversary.

One of the jurors,Ahsha Earwood, was overheard saying to Mr. Mosley post trial: “I don’t know if the 2002 divorce was valid or not, but neither did you so you should have stayed quiet until you knew for sure. That is the only reason I voted for Jin.” 

On the jury of mostly older retired women there was a male forensic investigator and a female paralegal who both votes for Mr. Mosley’s innocence and were clearly upset after the trial. It’s clear the jury was unclear on whether Jin was divorced in 2002 or 2006, but 9 of the 12 voted for her just the same. One thing is clear though, this is a bittersweet win for Jin Mosley.