Ganigan Lopez protests WBC title loss; Juan Hernandez embarrassed by defeat

WBC 25/05/2017

Visibly disillusioned, former WBC light flyweight world champion Ganigán López came to the traditional WBC weekly conference to formally present a protest regarding the result of the fight he held last weekend in Japan against. Ken Shiro.

Ganigán was clear in saying that the judges’ decision seemed unfair to him, as he considers that he was up on the cards by at least two points.

He commented and recognized the quality of the Japanese rival; Nevertheless and after having studied the fight, he firmly believes he won.

At this point, he asked WBC President Sulaiman to review the fight and requests a rematch.

“I feel very sad, I was sure that I would return to Mexico with my belt, I prepared for that and I know I gave everything up in the ring, I think the judges were unfair. Their decision not only affects one’s safety, but the sport In general.I want the rematch, They snatched a dream from me and I want to recover what is mine.”

Before this request, the WBC President acknowledged Ganigan´s dedication. Skills and determination that were useful to conquer the title with the passion and the heart of a true monarch. For this reason he will request the revision of the fight and make the request to the Governing Board for a direct rematch.

Also at the conference accompanied by his manager Isaac Bustos, dismayed former WBC flyweight champion Juan Hernandez told of how his boxing world imploded.

Saddened and also embarrassed, Juan took the microphone to offer a public apology and recognize that losing the title was due to his total irresponsibility.

His coach, Isaac Bustos, said that the he took the decidión and forced his his fighter to leave the title on the scale, because the most important thing was Juan’s physical,well being.

Mauricio Sulaimán, President of the WBC, was disappointed and even somewhat surprised. As he said:

“The boxer has a great responsibility when he wins the championship, because it is the culmination of a dream, years of effort and dedication, understanding that many other young people want what you have…the title.

” I scold him publicly because instead of training and being focused on this commitment, he traveled to Cancun to support his colleague Tomas Rojas. I feel a deep sadness and as his friend I invite him to reflect that if he wants to be in the big leagues he must return to basics. Boxing is a sport of sacrifice, dedication and commitment. For my part you will have all my support, as long as I see a change of attitude.”

Before this, Juan and his trainer promised to work hard to be deserving of a new opportunity, but now as súper Flyweight