WBC suspend Leon Lawson indefinitely for bare-fisted attack on Jose Uzcategui

World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman has become the first organisation leader to act on the weekend’s shocking events involving Andre Dirrell and Jose Uzcategui.

Firstly, Dirrell was struck after the bell at the MGM National Harbor in Maryland, prompting Uzcategui to be disqualified. Moments later, Dirrell’s uncle and trainer Leon Lawson took it upon himself to dish out his own form of retribution for the DQ.

Dawson cause an in-ring brawl by aiming punches at the super-middleweight contender, something Dirrell has since condemned from his cornerman.

On Monday, the WBC issued the following statement on the controversy, which initially took place in an International Boxing Federation eliminator.

“The WBC is suspending indefinitely Mr. Leon Lawson from participating in any WBC sanctioned fight in any form or manner,” said the WBC.

“The actions which have been seen all over the world, in which Mr. Lawson attacks and punches with bare fists fighter Jose Uzcategui have created regrettable damages to our sport.

“The WBC rejects any form of foul play, aggression and behavior.

“We will seek a meeting with Mr. Lawson to offer several forms of help to address this grave situation,”

The delporable attack by Lawson is not said to have affected Dirrell’s position with either the IBF or the WBC for the future.