WBA President highly embarrassed by N’Dam v Murata judging

Phil Jay 20/05/2017

WBA President Gilberto Mendoza has revealed his total embarrassment at what transpired in Saturday’s championship contest in Japan

The vacant middleweight title was won by Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam as he defeated Olympic champion Ryota Murata in a massive and controversial shock.

In what seemed to be a straightforward victory for Murata, who won at least eight rounds on first viewing, it was N’Dam who took a split decision.

N’Dam was declared the winner 116-111, 115-112, whilst the third judge looked to have it about right with 117-110 in favor of Murata.

Although Murata took the loss on the chin, an immediate rematch should be ordered as Mendoza attempts to pick up the pieces following criticism.

Former world champion Enzo Maccarinelli asked Mendoza how this decision could happen, to which he replied: “Champ, I feel embarrassed when this happens.

“We spend a lot of time in the training and certification (of judges).”

One Frenchman, admitting to being a supporter of N’Dam, then stated: “There was a clear winner. It was Murata. French TV had Murata. I’m French, I had Murata. It’s a shame…”

A red-faced Mendoza came back with: “This is what I mean: boxing needs clear decisions. How shall I not feel embarrassed? After reading you I feel KO’d!”

Hopefully, despite N’Dam’s joy at winning his first ‘world title’, Mendoza will ensure Murata is given another chance

A second helping won’t correct the first defeat inflicted on the record of the Japanese fighter though, who won the gold medal at the London 2012 games and seemed destined to become an undefeated world ruler this weekend.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay