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Unboxing the adidas SpeedEx 16.1 BOOST

After unboxing a normal looking delivery box, we were left with a black adidas square shaped box. This was not the shape of a standard shoe box and we were intrigued as to what was inside! One side stated the latest adidas Boxing campaign #FASTISFEARED, with the other sides detailing @adidasboxing and SPEEDEX BOOST.



We had previously reviewed the SpeedEx 16.1, a lightweight and really supportive shoe. This was a delivery from @adidasboxing with their latest training shoe in. After flipping the top of the box we unveiled the shoes in all their glory. Placed inside a clever 3D ring design these shoes looked different and striking from the first look. With the latest running technology of BOOST and the subtle red flashes this shoe made a statement.

adidas state that this shoe was created to revolutionize the boxing training environment. Designed to replicate the cushioning of a competitive ring, the introduction of BOOST technology to the traditional boxing shoe design enables faster footwork and endless energy, allowing athletes to workout longer and train harder.


The SpeedEx 16.1 BOOST has undergone a rigorous testing programme at local demo spaces in Frankfurt. Athletes across amateur and professional boxing have been invited to put the shoe through its paces and here at WBN we plan to do the same. In the coming month we will put the show through a boxing training session reviewing each element of the shoe to provide a 360 review for you all to read.

adidas Boxing Senior Product Manager Jan Wildner said: ”Working alongside the German Boxing National Team and our portfolio of professional and amateur boxers we have gained informed and precise athlete feedback around the product’s performance. Understanding that 80% of a boxer’s fight preparation is in the gym with only 20% based in the ring, it was key to enhance our footwear to allow our boxers to train harder for longer at the highest speed levels.”

A number of top adidas boxers, including Chris Algeri, Chris Colbert, Heather Hardy and Nikki Adler, are training in the Speedex 16.1 BOOST as we speak and we are keen to hear your thoughts on adidas’ latest shoe!

Stay tuned for our shoe review piece and check out @adidasboxing