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Exclusive: Nick Blackwell talking better, makes walking progress

Dan previously informed WBN in February that Nick had made ‘small improvements’ since suffering a second brain injury and there have since been further mini-hurdles negotiated by the former British middleweight champion since then.

“Nick is doing OK. He’s talking a lot better now and he has been making progress with his walking,” Blackwell exclusively told World Boxing News.

“In the last six weeks, Nick has been improving by the week and right now we are just hoping he carries on with that improvement in the future.”

Asked whether doctors expect Nick to make a full recovery from his injuries, Dan replied: “They don’t know. Nobody can tell what the final outcome is going to be for Nick.

“The brain is just too complicated to understand and we just have to take each day as it comes. We hope the improvement continues for Nick,” he added.

Blackwell, 26, initially suffered a life-threatening injury in March 2016 when losing his Lonsdale Belt to Chris Eubank Jr. in London before making an almost complete recovery from a week spent in a coma.

Months later, the Trowbridge man participated in a sparring session against doctors’ orders, taking him back even further and in the position Blackwell finds himself in today.

‘Bang Bang’ was just one win away from claiming the British title outright when Eubank took the championship, retiring with a record of 19-4-1 and a reputation as a tough, solid professional.

World Boxing News would like to continue to wish Nick and his family all the best with the long recovery process.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay