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Home » Exclusive: ‘Tyson against the tide’ – Peter Fury reacts to Anthony Joshua’s IBF exception request

Exclusive: ‘Tyson against the tide’ – Peter Fury reacts to Anthony Joshua’s IBF exception request

International Boxing Federation President Daryl Peoples is currently considering a delay in mandatory duties for Joshua, despite Bulgarian brute Kubrat Pulev being informed he would be next in line.

A rematch with Wladimir Klitschko was contracted and unavoidable for Joshua, whilst Pulev – along with promoters Sauerland, have been asked for their input into the possibility of facing the Briton in 2018 instead.

Peoples told WBN: “Last Thursday (May 11th), the IBF received an exception request from Matchroom on behalf of Anthony Joshua.

“I’m expecting a reply from Sauerland on behalf of Pulev either today or early tomorrow (Tuesday or Wednesday).

“The Board will consider the exception request during the convention next week and determine what actions the IBF will take as soon as a decision has been made.”

Fury has now reacted as nephew Tyson was in a similar situation when defeating Klitschko in November 2015, also having to follow through with a contracted return which ultimately cost him his title.

Vyacheslav Glazkov was the number one at that time and Fury was relieved of his title within days of his greatest win, with the Russian then going on to lose in a vacant championship match against Charles Martin.

Joshua would then rip Martin’s belt away in the very first defense a few months later and Peter believes it shows a certain level of contempt for Tyson, who was affected mentally by what he saw as a harsh injustice in the wake of his greatest win.

“I find this just shows the level of tide against Tyson as we had no such option allowed to us,” Fury exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Instead, we got stripped of the IBF when Tyson won it. Let’s be honest, they couldn’t wait to take his belt.

“However, and as you can see, we have been embroiled in various politics since he won the titles from Wladimir Klitschko.

“It makes you wonder whether we may have been much better off losing to Klitschko instead of winning in Germany!”

Fury is currently training for a possible comeback on the Billy Joe Saunders undercard in July, although the 28 year-old faces a further angst as a UK Anti-Doping Agency hearing could be postponed until October.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay