Julio Cesar Chavez Jr’s wife claims fighter was robbed in hotel room days after Canelo Alvarez loss

Canelo Alvarez Julio Cesar Chavez Jr

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Following the leak of a video showing husband Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. being mauled by near-naked women in an MGM Grand Hotel room this week, the former world champion’s wife has defended her man.

Frida Chavez says Junior was hustled out of a watch and potentially some money after being approached by a British fan and some girls in the lobby of the MGM on Monday.

Two days earlier, Chavez had lost every round of twelve in a massive all-Mexican clash with Canelo Alvarez before beginning to enjoy some downtime in the city.

As Frida explained in this interview with ESPN Deportes (in Spanish), Chavez was mingling with fans when things moved upstairs to an MGM suite. Chavez was then filmed by the girls, who Frida says then released a controversial video (you can view here) featuring some nudity and made the fighter look like he was enjoying some sort of seedy encounter.

Far from it, according to Frida, who was eager to explain Chavez was a victim of crime as an expensive Hublot watch went missing, along with a check for $3 million from the fight – which has since been found.

All in all, it seems Chavez was been given the benefit of the doubt regarding the video clip, which has since gone viral and could possibly depict the culprits of the alleged robbery.

Since losing to Canelo, Chavez has announced his decision to move up to 168 pounds on a permanent basis and has already been linked to facing the likes of James DeGale and compatriot Gilberto Ramirez.