Super-Heavyweight ABA Elite Champ Alex Dickinson talks June 17 pro debut in Belfast

WBN recently got the opportunity to catch up with new Frank Warren and MTK signing, Alex Dickinson.

A highly decorated amateur, Dickinson won the 2016 ABA Elite Super-Heavyweight championships. He is now looking to turn his amateur success into the professional ranks and is training at Everton Red Triangle gym.

Dickinson has been competing for six years now and had previously been based at Kirkby ABC. His first fight was in 2011, competing in 16 amateur fights since then. He is very appreciative of the support his coaches, David Kenney, Paul Bennett and John Lloyd have given him.

“They have all done a lot for me and been behind me since day one. Over the last 2-3 years I had a lot of work commitments which were getting in the way of my boxing. At one point I was in London working, my three coaches got me back to Formby and back into boxing. They helped me lose the weight and focus everything on my boxing. I couldn’t have asked for a better amateur gym.”

Undoubtedly the main highlight of Dickinson’s career so far came in 2016 when he won the Super-Heavyweight Senior Elite ABAs which Dickinson describes as “the pinnacle of English amateur boxing.” The fact that his success came on home territory made his win even sweeter.

“To do that in front of my home fans at the Liverpool Echo arena, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I have won three national titles before that and I have boxed for England as well. My main goal was to get that England vest because that means a lot to a lot of lads, and I managed to get that twice. I also got a GB Tri Nations title and I did that all within 16 fights which isn’t bad going for a fat kid from Formby!”

Spurred on by his success in the amateur ring inspired Dickinson to embrace the professional arena. Not only does he have the talent but has a clear inner drive too.

“My inspiration to turn professional was myself. There was something inside me that says I’ve got more to go. I had a very good job but my head was focused on the boxing. I spoke to the right people about turning professional even when I was an amateur just sparring. The lads at Everton Red Triangle were all amazing. The gym is very homely and they helped me a lot. The gym is filled with talent and future world champions and If you surround yourself with champions you will be one.”

The connections Everton Red Triangle have with MTK and Frank Warren has enabled Dickinson to recently sign a deal with them both. Dickinson is in no doubt that this is a wonderful opportunity for him.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better spring board with BT sport and Boxnation, Frank Warren is the main man.”

Currently Dickinson is being coached by Paul Stevenson who he cannot speak highly enough of

“He is a very well respected trainer and has been around the game for a very long time. The knowledge he knows about boxing is unbelievable. He has improved me so much within four months.”

Dickinson is clearly excited about what the future holds and where his move into the professional field has taken him

“I am around top fighters like Jazza Dickens, Ste Lewis, Nick Ball, Brandon Daord, Mesach Speare and John Quiggly who’s fighting on the same bill as me. You couldn’t ask for better lads to be around and they are all going to go somewhere.”

Dickinson is looking forward to his debut which is taking place on June 17th in Belfast at the Waterfront Hall. Although his opponent is still to be announced, Dickinson shows no signs of concern

“I used to think about opponents and who they are and how many fights they have had. That doesn’t bother me at all because I know that I am going to win this no matter what.”

Dickinson is really excited about what the future may hold and has plans to ensure he makes an impact as a professional so that he can give up his day job and give all his focus to boxing.

“Short term I am looking to get 6 fights this year, keep myself busy and occupied. I still have to work at the minute but I’d like to be fighting at least 6 times a year so I can finish up working and focus on my career. All I know is going to enjoy this rollercoaster and I am jumping on it and I’m not getting off it. I haven’t set myself anything for the long term but I’m not getting off this rollercoaster and you will see that.”

“I want to give a shout out to all my sponsors. A massive help is a company in Liverpool called ‘Downings’ who are very good family friends. They have supported me from day one financially. It’s nice to know somebody believes in me and puts time and effort into me. I would also like to thank ‘Taskers Sports’ for training clothes, ‘Energy UK’, ‘B&B Construction’, ‘KH Sports Massage’, ‘Sinclair Flooring Centre’, ‘Lifebalance Studio’, ‘USC’ and ‘Ace Life’.But most of all to my main support who are my mum and dad. I couldn’t have done all this without them.”

“If you want tickets add me on Facebook Alex Dickinson or my Instagram is alex87dicko. Just send me a message and we will be able to sort out tickets. And add me if you want to follow my journey.”

Tam Darkes-Seddon is contributor to WBN. Follow on Twitter @TDSBoxingTalk