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Home » Jordan Clayton aims to make his mark on Kal Yafai undercard

Jordan Clayton aims to make his mark on Kal Yafai undercard

The 23-year-old has impressed so far in his career, racking up five straight wins, and wants to build on this success by making a statement on the big stage this weekend.

“When I put on the gloves as a kid this is what I came to do,” he explained. “I want to perform in front of a big crowd on a big show. I have always dreamt about being on these big shows so it is exciting.

“I am a little nervous about it because it is a big arena and I have only boxed on small hall shows. It is a big step up but it is what I need at this stage in my career, I need to get on to the bigger events.

“Every fighter gets nervous whether you are boxing in front of 10 people or 10,000 people. It is a big occasion for me and I want to do well and show what I am about, that is the only thing I am nervous about. I don’t feel any pressure about doing what I have to do in the ring because I know when it comes to fight night that it will plan out as it will plan out. There is no negative energy around me at this stage of my life. I am all about positivity and I feed off it.

“It’s great to be on the show, certain fighters didn’t get on this show who are bigger names than I am. They weren’t allowed to go on the show and I am so it just shows that people are starting to take notice of me now.

“I want people to take notice even more after this fight. I don’t feel I’m far off an area title fight. Like my coach Paul Webb said, there is no need to rush it, but I have been a pro now since 2013 and I have only had five fights. I just want to keep pushing on and get as many titles as I can around my waist.”

The unbeaten pugilist had found fitting training around family and work difficult in the past, resulting in inactive spells. However, having changed his schedule Clayton believes he has the work-life-boxing balance just right.

“I am happy now,” he admitted. “ I had a long period out but I am back on track now and I am where I want to be in my career. I want to get the job done on the 13th, sell well and look good doing it. Balancing work and family with boxing is working out a lot better for me now and I am happier with that but these big events make all of it worthwhile.

“I haven’t had the stoppage and I am not looking for it, I wasn’t looking for it in my last fight either. I think if I would have gone into the last fight with the same mentality I used to have which was thinking about nothing but the knockout, I would have got caught with something stupid because he was a dangerous opponent. I am just going in there to box and show my skills and the knockouts will come. I know when people trade with me, they go to sleep. I know that and I know that will happen in the future.”