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Yahu Blackwell bids to continue good form on May 13

Blackwell, a natural Cruiserweight, brought proceedings to an end in the second round, stopping the visibly bigger Benjamin Hernandez in impressive fashion.

Blackwell dominated Hernandez, knocking him out with a straight right hand 45 seconds into the second round. Hernandez failed to meet the referee’s count, handing ‘Rock’ Blackwell the second round TKO victory in what was one of the standout displays of the evening. 

Blackwell showed off his speed, power and excellent footwork in Mexico and now looks towards May 13 as his momentum in the professional ranks progresses at a solid pace.

Blackwell commented on his performance in Mexico and looks ahead to his next outing.

“I felt great, the opponent got switched at the last min and I ended up facing a heavyweight which was a challenge in itself but I was fully confident in my ability.”

Blackwell continued, “I had to pack on some weight in very little time as I was expecting to be boxing at Cruiserweight. Despite this I still felt sharp carrying the extra weight and I got the job done in style. All praise to Yahuah.”

Blackwell now looks ahead to his next outing on May 13 and gave his thoughts about what can be expected differently in his next bout.

He said, “I’m always in the gym improving and learning. I feel at 200lbs I will be even more exciting to watch and everybody in attendance can expect to see and action packed skilful fight!”