Exclusive: Peter Fury says ‘no need for Tyson to rush back’ – discusses possible Anthony Joshua fight

Joe Hewlett 07/05/2017


Moments after Anthony Joshua clinched an eleventh round of Wladimir Klitschko, he instantly took to the microphone to gleefully shout: ‘Tyson Fury, where you at baby?’

In a typical response, Fury replied, giving the green light of the two titans clashing next.

In a recent interview on the radio, the ‘Gypsy King’ boasted he could win ‘with one hand’ tied behind his back and still defeat the newly unified champion.

When speaking to trainer Peter recently exclusively for World Boxing News, one of my first questions to him was, when can we expect Tyson to return?

“That’s the million-dollar question and depends how fast that good living melts off his body,” he replied with laughter.

Tyson last fought back in November 2015, shocking the world in Dusseldorf with a unanimous points victory over Klitschko with Peter in the corner, who masterminded the sensational contest. Critics and fans alike have been divided should Joshua and Fury cross paths in the next 18 months. Whilst many have predicted a knock-out to Joshua, many have been quick to point out the masterclass in how Fury handled Klitschko.

His uncle though, believes it would be naive to dismiss the qualities both fighters possessed in their triumphs over the Ukrainian.

“They have different styles. Tyson Fury’s a boxer who can punch as well. You then have AJ who will lay it more on the line because to throw those punches he does, you have to be a bit more open, so Joshua is going to be more open to be caught but ultimately styles make fights so you can’t judge one fight off to the next.

“Tyson did teach Wladimir a boxing lesson. Let’s have a look back in history to what Forman did to Joe Frazier, he boxed him off the canvas didn’t he, six or seven times. And then look at what Frazier did to Ali, he took him in the trenches and won his title off him. Frazier and Ali had some gruelling fight but then look to what Ali done to Foreman. Styles make fights, you can’t link the two fights together.” (Referring to comparisons of Fury’s and Joshua’s wins over Klitschko).

Tyson has recently been on social media to delight fans of his return to training. He is currently in Marbella hitting the bag and on the road jogging with long-time friend and WBO world champion Billy Joe Saunders.

Fury seems to have rediscovered his passion to return to the ring, vowing to feature on the undercard of Saunders on July 8. Peter believes the 28-year-old should take his time before challenging the likes of Joshua and co.

“He’s gone through a lot of problems and I think there are a lot of politics in his career so I’d advise him to come back and take his time, what’s the rush?

“He’s only 28-years-of-age. He needs to build his way back up slowly, he’s doesn’t have to rush back – he can come back to world title fight in 12-18 months’ time. In the meantime, I’d suggest him to get regularly active again and get all of his skills back to how they used to be,” he added.

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95