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Home » Shay Brock wins New Zealand super-welterweight title

Shay Brock wins New Zealand super-welterweight title

The bout was first announced in February on Gladrap Channel on youtube where the two came face to face on “The Gloves Are Off” type face off. Musson stated at the face off that he was going to break Brock’s ribs and wouldn’t go the distance.

The first round of the bout, Musson came rushing in with extreme aggression with pure rage in his face. After an accidental low blow to Brock’s which almost happens in every fight he has been in, Brock’s started out boxing Musson.

Half way through the bout, Musson received on his left eye, however it was unknown if it was caused by an accidental head butt or by a clean punch, however the cut wasn’t bad enough to stop the bout.

Shay Brock won every round in the bout leading into the 6th round where Brock landed an exploding upper cut to Musson. Brock won the bout by TKO, ending 2 min and 57 seconds. This is the biggest win in Brock’s career so far and his first professional title.

On the undercard Zane Hopman took on New Zealand-Hawaiian Lui Te’o. This is Hopman first bout in over a year after being out due to a Torn ACL injury. Hopman is due to face Asher Derbyshire for Derbyshire’s NZPBA Crusierweight title in July, which is why he took this bout to warm him up.

Hopman won the bout the unanimous decision, winning every round. Hopman stated after winning the bout that this fight was extremely challenging and Te’o knockout the rust out of him.

The event was prerecord and will be broadcast on Gladrap Channel on Youtube with commentary from Kendall “The Caucasian Cannon” Cooper and Skope Siaosi.