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Home » Wilder on Klitschko: He only lost to Fury because he didn’t throw any damn punches!

Wilder on Klitschko: He only lost to Fury because he didn’t throw any damn punches!

Wilder (38-0, 37 KOs), who won his WBC belt in January 2015 on SHOWTIME and has since made five defenses, will serve as an analyst for Sky Sports Box Office for Joshua vs. Klitschko.

The British sensation Joshua (18-0, 18 KOs) and Klitschko (64-4, 54 KOs) will unify the heavyweight division as they meet for Joshua’s IBF World Championship and the vacant WBA World Championship in front of record-setting 90,000 fans at Britain’s largest stadium.

Here is what Wilder had to say on Klitschko’s loss to Fury…

“Klitschko didn’t lose by not being able to compete with Tyson Fury, or do the things he had to do. He lost because he didn’t throw no damn punches,” pointed out Wilder.

“I want him to fight in this fight. I don’t want him to hold back, because Fury was bigger than him or this and that. Forget all of that. You got to go in there and fight. You’re the champ. You don’t care about nobody being bigger than you.

“You go in there and you forget all of that and defend your title because you’re the king and you’re not going to let nobody take it… And that’s how he should come in there.

“There’s a time and a place to be nice. You can’t always be nice. You’ve got to go in there and let them know ‘I’m still a monster, I’m still a beast, I’m still that lion and I’ll eat you up alive when I get you in there.’ And that’s just what he has to come to bring to the table.

“I’m so ready for this fight. I’m looking forward to what’s after this to come. I’m looking forward to unifying this division and bringing it back to America – where it once was and where it’s always going to remain once I bring all the belts. It’s going to be back, I promise you that.

“Age is only but a number and if you feel like you still have it in you and have confidence in yourself, then that’s what you’re going to do. The mind is a powerful thing to lose. And when you lose your mind, you lose your body.

“With Klitschko, he feels like he’s dedicated himself back to the sport and that’s why he says he’s obsessed. He’s obsessed with retaining his titles, he’s obsessed with rising in boxing again. He’s like a new fighter. He needed that loss to Tyson Fury because he forgot to be humble. He forgot about that.

“Now that he’s rebuilt himself, he’s got that hunger, that fire. At the end of the day, all that matters is on the night of the fight. He can come to us with another Tyson Fury fight, talking about height and weight, or he can bring that Klitschko like we’ve always seen with the jabs and setting up with the right hands… We’ll see what happens.”

Joshua v Klitschko is live on Sky Sports Box Office from 6pm UK time this Saturday night. The fight is also live on Showtime in the US and RTL in Germany