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Jake Haigh to fight in Manchester on May 27

The tall Macclesfield-native stormed to 3-0 (2 KOs) when he halted Somerset wild man Bryn Wain in February.

And he’s itching to add to his record further in what will be his final four round bout before moving up to six round level.

“I’m over the moon to have a date for my next fight and I’m happy that Black Flash Promotions have given me this opportunity,” Jake, who has a first class degree in Sports Rehabilitation, said.

“My last was on February 18 and other than having one week off, I’ve been in the gym ever since so I’ll be more than ready next month. I can’t wait to get back in there.

“I feel like I’m improving with every camp. For this camp, everything is coming together. On the easier days we’re really smashing the technique and on the harder days we’re smashing the fitness.”

Haigh has been working with Hatton and assistant trainers Mike Jackson and Blain Younis for less than a year, but already their impact can be seen in his performances.

As an amateur Haigh was a rangey boxer who worked behind his jab and kept his opponents at distance. Now he’s equally comfortable letting his hands go on the inside.

“I fought on the back foot all my career, but in the pros you have to be able fight all ways and Ricky, Blain and Mike like me to be pressing forwards,” Jake, 22, said.

“I’m more powerful on the front foot and I know when the time is right I can step on the gas and put it onto my opponents and that’s what I’ll be looking to do again next month.”