Exclusive: Coach Banks wants Klitschko to pull the trigger early

Joe Hewlett 28/04/2017

Esther Lin

Trainer Johnathon Banks has issued a fire warning to Anthony Joshua and his team as he expects his man to start fast on Saturday.

Wladimir Klitschko last fought in 2015 and was defeated for the first time in eleven years as Tyson Fury knocked him off his perch.

The Ukrainian’s slow start was ultimately what cost the two-time champion his crown in Dusseldorf.

But Banks has insisted things will be different this weekend.

“He’s (Klitschko) fighting a young, fast fighter. We don’t want to wait until the twelfth round to see if he can land a few shots and win the fight. My mentality is you have one round, it’s a cliché but you know what they say, ‘you have one round that can change your life,’ no one has ever said you can change your life in twelve rounds could change your life. This is just my opinion,” he exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Why save what you got for tenth round when you can win in round two. My mentality and mood has always been same and will never change.”

After the passing of the late, great, Emmanuel Steward, Banks has guided the 41-year-old to victories in Germany, Russia and the United States.

It will be his outing in England at Wembley Stadium with a historic 90,000 spectators attending on the night. Despite, the crossover of generations in a fight of significance, the American has insisted it won’t affect him in the corner.

“I’ll just be the same as normal. My mentality and mood has always been the same, I’m not the one who is fighting in the ring. When I’m listening to the national anthems before the fight, looking at 90,000 I’ll be the same as I’ve ever been. I’m cool – that’s just me.

With the numbers set to break the UK box-office, the former cruiserweight admitted it is up there with the all-time heavyweight fights.

“It has to be ranked in the top 10 of all time. Just look at the fight, 90,000 people are going to it. The other big fights in the past have had all the broadcast networks but have never the size of an Arena like this,” he said.

“After selling 80,000 tickets, an extra 10,000 seats were made available to make extra room. It’s crazy.”

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