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Home » Mickey Ellison reflects on Carl Wild loss, vows to return stronger

Mickey Ellison reflects on Carl Wild loss, vows to return stronger

The 27-year-old was visibly upset at the decision as the scorecards of 37-40 were read out to announce Wild as the winner, live on VIP TV.

He reacted angrily post-fight to his maiden defeat, “I was robbed, I’ve watched it back and everyone had me winning by a point.

“I haven’t got a mark on me, I landed the cleaner shots, his just landed on my gloves. He might have been busier but he didn’t land any clean shots.”

Vengeful Ellison immediately expressed his desire for a rematch soon, “I’d like to box him again later on in the year. I’ve lost so I want to put it right, just for myself.”

Although disappointed in defeat, the 175-pounder has decided to take positives from the experience, stating, “It’ll make me a better fighter. I’ve learnt loads from that fight that fighting 10 journeyman couldn’t have taught me.

“I could have knocked out a foreigner and not learnt anything but instead I’d rather have those kind of fights and learn, so there’s lots of positives to take from it.”

An ex-Area champion may have seemed like a strange choice for a fledgling pro to take in just their third pro bout but both Ellison’s and Wild’s opponents each pulled out the day before and, naturally, the two got paired together.

“I got offered the fight and we thought that it was a bit too soon to take but we also thought it was winnable,” Ellison, a father of one, explained.

“My plan was to keep it long but he spoiled all the time. I have watched it back and I did some good work, there was a counter left hook that rocked him that I had been working on the gym.

“The ref warned me many times but I couldn’t understand why. I got warned for turning him at one point and that’s something I had learnt to do in the gym, but it was just one of them nights!”

The former North West amateur champion has fought three times in six months and aims to remain just as busy for the rest of the year.

He confirmed his plans, “I’m going on holiday in a couple of weeks for my delayed honeymoon. As soon as I’m back I want to get straight in the gym and want to have boxed by July, then I want to box every month thereafter.”

The former North West amateur champion debuted last October against the aggressive Bryn Wain (0-13), recording his first win in the paid code with a shutout points victory.

He then raced back to the ring again just six weeks later to secure a second points decision against the tough Hungarian Krzysztof Golec (1-5-1).

He added, “I don’t want paying I’m not doing it for the money. Any purse I get I put into the next fight. It’s not about the money, I want belts. I want the Central Area title.”

For tickets to the next show please call 07487 753 398. Follow Mickey Ellison on Twitter click here @MickeyEllison25