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Klitschko at Joshua presser: Fake news and USB stick predictions

The 41 year-old, who faces Joshua at Wembley Stadium in front of 90,000 fans on Saturday night, told the gathered media in London on Thursday that he pre-recorded a video clip to a USB stick.

“I recorded a video last week, and (it has) the outcome of the fight,” explained ‘Dr. Steelhammer’.

“My prediction, so to say. This (memory stick) is going to be in my robe, which I’m going to wear this Saturday night, sealed.”

Klitschko then outlined he will auction the stick off and give the proceeds to his charity, The Klitschko foundation.

He also added that the only person who would be able to see what’s on the USB, is the highest bidder who purchases the robe.

On a separate note, Klitschko was asked about a potential eye socket injury rumored in the press prior to fight week, to which the Ukrainian gave a swift response.

“Fake news!” – said Klitschko in reference to the stories currently hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons.

All in all, Klitschko seemed as relaxed as he has done in any public forum for some time as the presser went off without a hitch, a stark contrast to his previous title encounter with Tyson Fury.

The outspoken Fury got into the mind of Klitschko before they ultimately collided in Dusseldorf, ending with the Briton taking the clutch of title belts with a points victory.

Joining the likes of Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis and his brother Vitali as a three-time top division ruler has now become Klitschko’s ‘obsession’ – although a massive obstacle stands in the way in the form of fellow-Olympic champion Joshua.