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Home » Exclusive: Kanat Islam talks Kazakh GGG super-fight, wants Canelo himself ahead of return

Exclusive: Kanat Islam talks Kazakh GGG super-fight, wants Canelo himself ahead of return

WBN have been informed the 32 year-old will be facing Norberto Gonzalez in an Inter-Continental title match next month and caught up with Islam to discuss his relationship with ‘GGG’ and a possible fight for his countryman or maybe himself against Canelo Alvarez.

First of all, Islam was asked if he’d ever consider fighting Golovkin.

“I’ve heard this question a lot. I admire him as a brother, as a friend and as a champion,” he answered.

“GGG is the hero of the Kazakh people who raise the blue flag. People’s mentality in the US, Mexico and the UK is different from Kazakhstani people. Being brothers is in first place, rather than ranking for our country. I think it is better for each of us to become a champion in our own weight category rather than to fight with each other.

“Gennady Golovkin is a world-famous boxer. He is a role model for the youth of the world, not only for the youth from Kazakhstan.

“GGG is a very talented boxer that his opponents regret fighting just in the first round they punch each other in the ring. There is no opponent to match him at his weight. 

“Yes, he is the king in his middleweight category!”

On the possibility of sharing a bill with Golovkin in the future, Islam added: “We have all conditions to hold boxing events of the highest level in our country.

“There are arenas for 10, 20, 30 and 40 thousand people. There was a chance at the International Exposition EXPO-2017, but maybe now it won’t happen yet?

“Of course one day I would like it to happen. It would be a memorable day for our fans if famous Kazakh boxers had their fights in one evening.”

Switching attention the possible GGG v Canelo fight in September, Islam stated he’d rather be the one to land a contest with the Mexican superstar.

“I want to fight with Canelo first. Now as he is a champion in my weight category,” he pointed out.

“After my last fight, I have challenged Canelo to the ring. And I’m sure, if he gains weight and fights with Gena, this fight will be very interesting.

“I know fans are looking forward to this meeting. If it happens I’m sure GGG can win as he has proved that he is a strong fighter.

“He is a man not just of his word, but also of action,” added Islam.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay