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Home » Exclusive: Nevada Chief outlines what needs to be done to seal Mayweather v McGregor in Vegas

Exclusive: Nevada Chief outlines what needs to be done to seal Mayweather v McGregor in Vegas

Negotiations remain secret but are said to be ongoing as Mayweather and McGregor work out the details of a cross-codes boxing versus MMA bout that could be worth nine-figure sums the fighting stars.

Bennett has discussed whether the fight was likely to be approved and ran the rule over both fighters previously, but on what the next moves need to be in order to make the Pay-Per-View extravaganza a reality, he enthusiastically stated:

“Provided they pass their medical examinations, their physicals and they agree for in and outside competition anti-doping tests. Then the question will be, ‘what will be the catchweight?’ – as Conor has been 145, 155 and 170, whilst Floyd is usually a buck forty seven to 150,” Bennett explained to World Boxing News.

“The weight is the fighter and promoter’s business, but as a regulator we’d be honoured to have this fight in Vegas.

“Contractually, they will have to come to an agreement and we’d have to make sure those agreements come within the health and safety regulations.”

On the actual Pay-Per-View extravaganza being approved, Bennett added: “We think it’s an approvable fight, as I have said previously. I would recommend the fight but then is obviously has to go in front of Chairman and the Commission to make the final decision.”

Mayweather v McGregor has split some boxing purists down the middle as to whether the encounter should even be recognised as a 50th pro bout for the former pound for pound king, whilst others argue the Irishman should not be able to just walk into a fight with ‘Money’ without a single squared circle outing to his name.

Whatever the gripes, Mayweather v McGregor makes money – a side of the argument talks louder than most, and those who doubt any sort of contest can transpire will have to wait until fight night to be proven right or wrong.