Mauricio Sulaiman explains the origin, future of the new Adolfo Lopez Mateos Huichol belt

The highly-anticipated fight between Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. has caught the world’s attention and will certainly be a great success.

T-Mobile Arena was sold out immediately, the pay-per-view is expected to be over 1 million homes, and both major TV Networks in Mexico – Televisa and Azteca – will air the fight, which will break all existing records of TV audience in the history of Mexico. So, in essence, it is a monumental success.

The WBC is extremely proud of both fighters, two Mexican warriors who have taunted each other for six years and now will have the opportunity to claim to be Mexico’s representative to the world.

Mexico has two major national celebrations – Cinco de Mayo on May 5th and Independence Day on September 16th. It has become a tradition to celebrate these two holidays with boxing events, especially in Las Vegas.

The WBC was founded in Mexico by its President, Adolfo Lopez Mateos, in 1963. Lopez Mateos was a boxer in his youth, and even as acting President was regularly seen at boxing events, which is why he is regarded as one of the greatest supporters of boxing in Mexico.

Mexico is a major force in boxing. Boxing is Mexico’s sport of success, and with all of these facts in mind, the WBC decided to establish an honorary championship belt to commemorate those winners of the fights held on or around the Cinco de Mayo and 16th of September celebrations.

The Adolfo Lopez Mateos belt will be awarded to the winner of Alvarez vs. Chavez Jr.

This unique piece was designed and produced by “Luis,” a Huichol community native and artist. The Huichol culture is known as one of the oldest cultures in the country, and their day to day lives include pre-Columbian practices from their ancestors. Huichol has become an art and is highly appreciated world-wide.

300 hours of work and 40,000 micro crystal chakiras went into the WBC green belt.

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During the traditional Cinco de Mayo events, many great champions have competed over the years, including Lennox Lewis, Julian Jackson, Azumah Nelson, and of course, the Mexican legends Julio Cesar Chavez, Oscar De La Hoya, Erik Morales, Ricardo Lopez, Jorge Arce, and many others. Floyd Mayweather Jr. took over this tradition in the later years, and holds the most Cinco de Mayo events by any one fighter.

The great fights which have happened around Cinco de Mayo include: Chavez vs. Randall / Corrales vs. Castillo / Mayweather vs. De La Hoya / Mayweather vs. Pacquiao / Mayweather vs. Cotto / Canelo vs. Mosley / Canelo vs. Khan / De La Hoya vs. Mayorga.

This time it is all about Mexico. This fight is MADE IN MEXICO. The WBC is very proud of both fighters and wishes them the best of luck. The winner will certainly carry on as one of the best in the world, and the loser will have to face his family, fans, and team. However, if on May 6th, both give their best efforts and fight with their lion hearts, they will both certainly win, regardless of the end result. This fight is for HONOR, it is for PRIDE.

Both have enjoyed a sensational career within the WBC structure. Canelo is a two-division WBC world champion, and Chavez was the WBC middleweight world champion. Now they meet in a special event without any championship at stake, but the eyes of the world and of all Mexico will be watching to see who emerges as Mexico’s glory, and who takes home the unique Adolfo Lopez Mateos Huichol belt.