New Zealand celebrates first LGBT champion in Geovana Peres

Benjamin Watt 24/04/2017
Brazilian Born and Lesbian Geovana Peres, has won the New Zealand National (NZNBF Version) Light Heavyweight title by unanimous decision against Tongan bornNailini Helu.
Peres is breaking multiple barriers, being the first person from the LGBT Community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) to win a New Zealand professional boxing title and being the first person from Brazil to win a New Zealand Boxing Title.
After her bout Peres said an inspiring quote:
“Small minds can’t comprehend big spirits. To be great, you have to be willing to be mocked, hated, lied about & misunderstood. Stay strong!”
When asked how she felt to be the first gay person to hold the New Zealand Champion she said “IM proud of it! Very proud!” She finished a message to her fans with:
“Be proud of how you are, keep real and chase your dreams! Let go the dramas and take responsibility for the consequences of your choices.”
The fight was a tough fight for Peres, reaching into the full 8 rounds which is a first for both Peres and Helu. However she won the bout against Helu by unanimous decision with all 3 judges scoring 79 – 73. As for Nailini Helu, it is unknown what is next in her career being her 3rd loss in a row and 3rd New Zealand title fight in her career.
Peres now will be going back to her team to see what the next step in her career is. Will she have a rematch with Sarah Long, will she go after the NZPBA Heavyweight champion Alrie Meleisea, will she go after the returning Cheyenne Whaanga or will she take on the soon debuting Caroline Daniels.
As for the other professional boxing bout of the night, Ruben Webster debuted against veteran Daniel Maxwell. Webster won the bout by Unanimous decision.