An Article in Which We Compare Playing Poker to Boxing

WBN 24/04/2017

There are often a lot of similarities in regards to the way you can play two quite different sports, and this guide looks at similarities between poker and boxing.

Boxing and Poker

You may have something of a passion for playing games such as poker, and if you do so then you will not need us to tell you that it can and often does take many years for you to perfect and master playing any variant of poker.

The same could be said if you are a boxer, no two boxers punch, jab or move around the ring in the exact same way and half of the battle of becoming a professional and successful boxer is taking your time to perfect the art of that sport of Kings!

This article is going to be taking a fun look at boxing and playing poker and in it we will be looking at some of the many similarities between the two of them.

With that in mind as always, we cordially invite you to read on and whilst doing so see if you can think up any additional similarities between poker and boxing that we have not mentioned, as we are fairly confident there will be quite a number of similarities that have escaped our notice!

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Outsmarting the Opposition

Both boxing and poker require a great deal of skill and in some instances a great deal of luck too, however some of the most successful people in both environments are those that are able to out think and outsmart the opposition.

Games such as poker can be won when a player bluffs their way to take the pot, and whilst bluffing is something you cannot do when boxing there can be a lot of bravado before a fight that can often give one boxer something of a psychological edge against another boxer.

Make sure the next time you are watching a boxing match or observing a poker game in full flow you look at the boxers and players taking part, and see what it is that does give them the ability to outsmart their opponents for often it is some surprising moves they make or simply the way they carry themselves and behave that does give them a surprising edge of winning.

Unique Strategy

No two boxers will get into the ring with the exact same strategy in place, and that is what you are also going to find happening with all poker players sat around any poker table!

Strategy is important in both environments for you need to pre-plan your most likely moves when boxing or playing poker and whilst you may deviate from that strategy at times having one in place will allow you to be a much more structured poker player or boxer.


In fact, what quite a lot of inexperienced boxers and for that matter poker players will tend to do is to watch other boxers and players plying their trade either in the ring or at a poker table, which is easy to do with websites like YouTube.

For by doing so they will then get to see the different strategies each boxer and poker player adopts which may be worth each inexperienced poker player or boxer then also following those strategies.

Practice Makes Perfect

No one is going to be born a perfect poker player or an expert boxer, for it is the time served learning the ropes as a boxer or as a poker player that will ultimately determine if you have been able to master boxing or playing poker optimally.

As such always keep that in mind, for it can take years of hard training for anyone to finally be in a position where they can take to the ring with a good chance of winning or for them to be able to sit down at a poker table and know their skill and playing ability is going to give them an increased chance of winning.

Specialize in Only a Handful of Talents

Sometimes it will be boxers or poker players that have spent years perfecting just a handful of moves that can make them into such a good boxer or poker player, and if you are currently learning to box or play poker then initially we would encourage you to try and master just a small number of moves.

That way you can master them perfectly without having to take in too many different skill and talent that could overwhelm you very quickly. There is an old saying, jack of all trades but master of none, and you really do need to concentrate your efforts on slowly mastering each aspect of playing poker or boxing rather than trying to learn them and master them all at once!

Take the Rough with the Smooth

It doesn’t matter if you are a poker player or a boxer, there are always going to be times when things do not go your way and you end up losing a match or several poker games or tournaments on the trot, and those losses really can have an effect on anyone and not in a positive way!

However, it is always those boxers and players who are prepared to stick at it and learn from their mistakes that will have a much greater chance of making it big over the long term, and as such that is something you should also be prepared to yourself.

If you give up or let any defeats in the ring or at the poker tables get you down that can have an effect on the way you box and play in the future. So be prepared to analyze your losing matches and poker games and find out just where you went wrong and learn from those mistakes.

However, having said that it is also very true to say that there are some people who are never cut out to be boxers and some people are never meant to be poker players!