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Exclusive: Peter Fury comments on Parker v Fury cancellation

Mandatory challenger Fury, 22, was due to face the New Zealander in Auckland next month, although the fight won’t go ahead on the date in question.

WBN contacted Peter moments after WBO President Paco Valcarcel stated the following: “As of today, it seems there will be no WBO Heavyweight World Title fight in New Zealand. It seems the problem lies within Team Fury.”

Upon the news breaking, Fury exclusively told World Boxing News: “We will be releasing details of the postponement in an announcement shortly. However, we are looking to put the fight back on in New Zealand as fast as possible.”

Parker and coach Kevin Barry had already been sceptical of the contest taking place on May 6 at the Vector Arena after arriving in the country to find Fury hadn’t left the UK.

“He’s not even here yet and hopefully they do come. The fight is scheduled to happen May 6 and I hope they do come down so they can see what it’s all about, see what New Zealand’s about but also see what my fists can do in the ring,” said Parker.

“He’s never done jet-lag before, so for someone who hasn’t done it before, they should be down here acclimatising to the time and all sorts of stuff like that, I’ve done it before so I know what it takes to get my body used to it and I know I will be ready so I’m not sure how they’ll react to it but lets see what happens.

Barry added: “Look there’s still two weeks out to the fight, there’s plenty of time for them to arrive, we made an offer to them a while back that they could come out here six weeks before the fight.

“Every international team that we’ve bought out here in the last four years, we’ve been very, very accomodating to them, we’ve put them in the best hotels, we’ve had drivers with them, we’ve flown them very well and it surprise me that they are leaving it to this late stage to arrive down.”

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay