Watch: Holyfield combats road rage in viral video with 15m views

WBC 21/04/2017
Evander Holyfield World Boxing Council


If you’re prone to road rage, pause, think, count to ten and calm down…after all you never know where your anger might lead?

Former WBC heavyweight Champion Evander Holyfield has been participating in a social service campaign in Atlanta, Georgia, exhorting all to grow up, calm down, and avoid “highway fights.”

Its a campaign of cooperation between the Investigation Bureau, the State Patrol, Sheriffs Association and the Office of Highway Security.

The advert has already raised eyebrows and drawn favorable comment on the social networks and from international media. The punchline is a white truck driven at breakneck speed…until it meet up with a luxury black SUV, which innocently pulls out in front of it.

The driver almost hits the roof! Start honking, cuts off the other vehicle starts horning, cuts the other vehicle off, jumps out of his van, cussing, yelling and threatening all sorts of retribution.

Don’t you just love it when none other than Evander Holyfield gets out, with a face like thunder!

Where’s the bully now? He visibly wilts at the sight of huge Holyfield, and in a quavering squeak plaintiffly pleads: “ I didn’t know it was you!” taking some steps back.

The message is crystal clear: You MUST NOT fight on the highway. Peace and civility. It’s our way NOT my way!