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Dave Coldwell eyeing Liverpool double this weekend

Lee Appleyard tackles local favourite, Sean Dodd, for the lightweight Commonwealth strap and there’s also action for Paul Economides who participates in a well-matched Welsh Derby against Mark Evans.

A win for the pair would see their stock rise considerably amongst the domestic scene and Coldwell is confident that both can deliver on the big stage with the show receiving coverage from Sky Sports as Martin Murray and Gabe Rosado headline in a highly-anticipated middleweight clash.

“This is a huge opportunity for my boys and one they have to take,” insists Coldwell.

“If you look at previous interviews with them both or speak to them one on one, all they do is mention the possibility of fighting for a title or getting a big fight on TV so im delighted to be doing my job properly and getting out there and landing them both on this big show with plenty of good fights to look forward to.

“Both Lee and Paul have been a pleasure to manage so far and I’m hoping that they can go out there on Saturday night and both out in performances that will see them emerge with credit and hopefully get the wins i know both of them desperately want.”

Coldwell added, “It’s likely to be a hard night for the pair of them as they’re both in there with good guys with good records who’ll also be hoping to put on a good show so it’s vital that my guys match them.

“Sean Dodd is a very capable fighter on a good run and his support will push him on through bad times so Lee has to be willing to match him and give all he can to ensure he gets the nod. It’s the same with Paul and you’ll see how much it means to them on Saturday night.

“They’re constantly telling me that these are the nights they want to be a part of so now they have their chance. It’s up to them to deliver now.”