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Home » Dominic Felix gears up to begin pro run at the age of 37

Dominic Felix gears up to begin pro run at the age of 37

The Northampton pugilist will compete on BCB Promotions’ ‘Saints and Sinners’ show at the Deco, Northampton on Friday 21st April.

Felix is the current Queensbury Boxing League’s Light Heavyweight Champion having won the belt in September last year but he told he is focused more on being a role-model than searching for personal accolades.

“37 doesn’t mean you have to put on a suit and walk around town because you are old,” he said. “I believe you are what you do.

“I want to show people that age is just a number. Obviously you have to be mindful, but I want to show that it is never too late to do what you want to do in life.

“I just want to entertain and please the crowd. I want to put on a performance that makes people want to come back and see me again.

“Belts are nice and everything but take that Queensbury belt, since I have won that, other than when my son took it to school and was able to say to people his dad had won something. Apart from me winning it for him, belts only collect dust.
“To be honest that belt is a little bit of an inconvenience because where it is situated, sometimes I have to move it. So it isn’t about the belts for me. I have this saying in life that there should be nowhere that you can’t go mentally, physically and spiritually on this planet.

“It may sound silly, but that is my belief that you can go anywhere and do anything. I am trying to practice what I preach now. So my overall aim is to inspire people to go and do what they want to do.”

The super middleweight will make his debut alongside his brother Curtis, who has his third professional fight on the same show. Felix has helped his brother in the past with training for fights and now they are both working together and pushing each other forward.

“I am super excited,” he added. “It is great for us in terms of training and helping each other with promoting the show and selling tickets. We are pushing each other and doing the track work together and whatever else and it gives you that extra push.

“It was always the plan for Curtis to go professional so sometimes I would put him before me. He is my younger brother and he is taken care of now being in the professional game so now I can go and do my thing.

“Sometimes when you let everyone else eat off your plate, you turn round to look and then the plate is empty and you didn’t get any food. So now I will be focusing on me and my career.”

The personal trainer has spent time in Floyd Mayweather’s gym in Last Vegas to prepare for the professional game and has sparred the likes of James Degale and George Groves in the past which gives him confidence that he will be a success.

“Back in November I went to the Andre Ward v Sergey Kovalev fight, so I did a bit of training when I was out there. I went to Mayweather’s gym a couple of times to keep the work going and it was great.

“I spoke to Jeff Mayweather beforehand and he said it was fine for me to train there. I did my thing and a couple of coaches wanted to do some work with me so that was nice. I was only there for four days but I did what I could and enjoyed it.

“It was only when I started sparring with the likes of James Degale and George Groves that I realised that I could still mix it with these guys now. So I am just doing what I want to do.

“James Degale was boxing a southpaw so I helped him with that as I am a southpaw and I helped George Groves in his last fight as he needed some rounds. Those experiences will definitely help me when I am in the pro game.

“I am sparring a lot of past and current champions and at no point have I ever felt out of my depth. So I realised if I can mix it with those guys, even if it is just sparring, then I still have stuff left to give.

“I helped my good friend Leon McKenzie in sparring for his last fight, which was for the English title. I was his sparring partner for that and when I was sparring him there was no problems so it has made me realise I should just go for it.”

As well as the Felix Brothers, fellow Northampton fighters, Drew Brown and Jamie Spence are also in action.

Kettering middleweight, Daniel Spencer (1-0), Banbury super featherweight, Leo D’Erlanger and Kettering’s former two-time World Association of Kickboxing Organisations Champion, Domenic Speccio, complete the card.

Tickets for Saints & Sinners are £30 standard unreserved seating, £45 Front Tier Stalls and £50 Ringside Tables with Buffet. They are available by calling 07939 992 422.

Doors open at 6:30pm with boxing commencing at 7:30pm at The Deco Abington Square, Northampton, NN1 4AE.