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Take your shot at Bitcoin, land a knockout win


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Flip2pogi Takes Top Spot at Top Site is a notable industry website that tracks top Bitcoin winners at online casinos as well as provide a host of other valuable resources. This site broke the news that not only had Flip2pogi won 39.08, he/she had also taking the top spot on the Top Winners tracker. The previous top winner sat at 21.54 BTC, so this win was a significant increase over that previous mark.

Track Big Game with Endorphina’s Safari

The slot machine Flip2pogi spun to win his top Bitcoin prize was none other than Endorphina’s Safari. Safari is a well-known online slot machine that features five reels, three rows and a whopping 50 pay lines. The theme of the game is a safari in the wild African savannah. You’ll encounter zebra, elephants and, of course, lions. Special features include wild and scatter symbols, and you can win up to 10 free spins at a time, and those free spins can even trigger additional free games!

An Impressive Figure — 39.08 BTC

The abbreviation BTC stands for Bitcoin in the manner USD stands for the U.S. dollar. The value of a Bitcoin depends on the exchange rate, which varies as it does when comparing say the U.S. dollar with the Euro. At the time Flip2pogi won, a Bitcoin was worth about $1,184, which means that his jackpot was worth about $46,300, which he got in a single spin.

The Jackpot was 2000x the Bet

Better yet, his 39.08BTC jackpot was 2000 times the amount he bet that spin. In other words, he bet about 0.195 BTC and walked away 39.08 BTC. To put this in context for those more familiar with the dollar than Bitcoin, he wagered about $23 and got an incredible $46,000 in return.

Take Your Shot at Big Bitcoin Prizes

Flip2pogi won’t hold that top spot for long, and who knows? It may just be you that takes the crown. There’s Endorphina and a number of other great Bitcoin casinos to play Safari and a host of other games at. is a great place to start. Not only does it list the top Bitcoin casinos around, but it will help you find the bonuses and other promotions that help you maximize your bankroll!