WBC clarify they will never allow female boxers to compete more than two minutes or ten rounds

WBN / WBC 12/04/2017

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman has confirmed his organisation will not consider women fighting over ten rounds or more than two minutes per round.

A UK report had stated some authorities would consider women boxing more than they do now for professional bouts, although Sulaiman did not agree in his latest edition of the 12th Round.

“As we celebrate how Women’s Boxing is starting to finally shine in the major markets of boxing in the world, we see U.S. television finally airing female bouts, we see Cecilia Braekus’ phenomenal career unfold, the Claressa Shields excitement, the several Mexican world champions as main events on Mexican television, Marisela Cornejo’s journey to greatness, the Canadian Jelena Mrdjenovich’s incredible TV documentary, and the debut of medalist Marlen Esparza with Golden Boy Promotions,” pointed out Sulaiman.

“We sadly see some boxing jurisdictions take steps backwards and make decisions that can only haunt them and put our athletes in serious jeopardy. It has been reported that the U.K. will allow women to fight three-minute rounds!

“In a separate report, we will share what has been studied through medical research for years, which was also presented in the WBC’s two female boxing world conventions. There is an easy formula: dehydration + fatigue + strong punch = possible tragedy.

“The WBC will never allow three-minute rounds, and will never allow any fight over 10 rounds. That will limit the dehydration and the fatigue elements to lower as much as possible the risk to a tragedy.”

A host of Olympians, stemming from the first appearance at London 2012, are now taking to the pro ranks and the WBC are obviously committed to keeping things the way they have worked for a long time previously.