Ricky Hatton says Joe Parker now ahead of Deontay Wilder, talks Hughie Fury

Former world champion Ricky Hatton has given his thoughts on the upcoming heavyweight title clash between Joseph Parker and Hughie Fury.

Parker faces Fury on May 6 in New Zealand, with the winner possibly lined up for a unification with WBC champion Deontay Wilder.

Below are Hatton’s thoughts….

On Hughie Fury:

He’s young, he’s ambitious, he’s unbeaten and he comes from a camp that is full of confidence. We never thought Tyson was ever going to beat Klitschko so when Peter Fury says he believes Hughie is going to do it, we have to take him serioiusly because of what Tyson did against Klitschko.

It maybe the right fight at the right time. Hughie is full of confidence, he’s a confidence character. One thing with the Fury’s, they don’t fear anyone. They’re not bothered where they travel, they go and do it. I think that will stand Hughie in good stead.

On Parker:

He’s very very quick, very fast, not the most powerhouse of fighters but having said that, I don’t think Hughie is a powerhouse as such so that might work in Joe’s favour. It is very hard to beat a man with the belief that the Fury’s have. I think that is what Joe will be probably up against.

On Parker always fighting at home and Johnathan Banks saying it’s time to fight in Europe or America:

He’s obviously proud of his roots and you want to fight in your hometown. There was nothing I liked better than boxing in Manchester. But sooner or later you have to fly the nest.

Any fighter, whether he be British or from New Zealand or Australia or wherever, in order to get the respect you deserve and have earned, you have to eventually go to the United States.

Because Parker has gone the distance twice and fought tougher opponents than Deontay Wilder, is it fair to think he has leap-frogged Wilder in the world heavyweight pecking order?

Yeah, Joe is very, very quick. Deontay Wilder is a knockout puncher but the thing is it’s hard to get the knockout punch in when you’re against someone very elusive and quick in speed. Those are the type of styles you want against big punchers.

Those are the type of styles you want against big punchers.