Shun Kubo halts Nehomar Cermemo, wins WBA title at 122lbs

Juan Arias 10/04/2017

The Japanese Shun Kubo beat the Venezuelan Nehomar Cermeño and snatched the WBA Super Bantamweight Title this Sunday.

In the first round of the fight, held in Osaka, Japan, both Kubo and Cermeño looked for distance. The Japanese made very clear his strategy of getting in and out, constantly using his jab by combining it with the straight right. Its effectiveness was evident every time the South American wanted to attack, because his blows would remain in the air.

The battle kept the same style, although at some points the Venezuelan managed to set the pace. This became more evident in the seventh round, when his attacks were stronger and sent the Japanese puncher to the canvas. Although, later, he returned to be the victim of the Asian offensive attack.

At the end of round 10, during the minute of rest, it was clear that Cermeño wouldn’t come out for the next round. Thus, after the first 5 seconds of the eleventh chapter, the referee Roberto Ramirez Jr. decreed victory for Kubo by TKO.

Thus, the Japanese is still undefeated, now, with 12 wins and 9 knockouts, and becomes World Champion for the first time, he holds the WBA Super Bantamweight Title.