Cletus Seldin tests positive, suspended until August by WBC

WBC 07/04/2017

The World Boxing Council have released a statement regarding the positive test of Cletus Seldin.

Below is the information regarding Seldin’s case.


In August of 2016, Cletus Seldin enrolled in the WBC Clean Boxing Program’s (“CBP”) out-of-competition anti-doping testing by virtue of being rated in the top 15 of the WBC world ratings.

On February 7, 2017, the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) reported to the WBC that Mr. Seldin’s “A” sample taken on February 1, 2017, yielded: (1) an adverse analytical finding for Stanozolol Metabolites; and (2) an atypical finding of elevated screen ratio Testosterone versus Epitestosterone (T/E ratio) of 20.2 (the “Findings”). The results of the testing of the “B” Sample confirmed the Findings.

The WBC investigated the circumstances surrounding the Findings of Mr. Seldin’s sample pursuant to the governing WBC Rules & Regulations and WBC CBP Protocol. The WBC considered Mr. Seldin’s position as: (1) articulated to WBC President Mauricio Sulaimán during a face-to-face meeting with Mr. Seldin; and (2) set forth in a detailed packet of information and materials Mr. Seldin’s camp submitted to the WBC.

Mr. Seldin provided a sample for anti-doping testing on February 14, 2017 to an independent and private laboratory that is not certified by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) (the “Independent Laboratory”). The Independent Laboratory collected a sample from Mr. Seldin 14 days after the sample that tested positive under the WBC CBP and 7 days after VADA reported that result. The sample Mr. Seldin provided to the Independent Laboratory: (1) tested negative for Stanozolol metabolites, which are known to stay in athletes’ system for long periods of time; and (2) showed a significantly reduced T/E ratio (the “Independent Laboratory Result”).


Based on research and information gathering including, but not limited to, the detailed information Mr. Seldin’s camp submitted to the WBC, the WBC finds as follows:

1. Cletus Seldin enrolled in the WBC CBP by virtue of being rated among the top 15 boxers in the WBC Super Lightweight world ratings.
2. The anti-doping test of sample collected from Mr. Seldin on February 1, 2017, yielded: (1) an adverse analytical finding for Stanozolol Metabolites; and (2)

an atypical finding of elevated screen ratio of Testosterone versus Epitestosterone (T/E ratio) of 20.2.
3. Stanozolol is a banned substance under the WBC CPB by virtue of its inclusion in VADA’s List of Banned Substances.

4. Mr. Seldin’s positive test took place as part of the out-of-competition portion of the WBC CBP.
5. Mr. Seldin has never tested positive for any banned substance in any tests he has undergone during his boxing career.

6. The Independent Laboratory Result and Mr. Seldin’s anti-doping testing history constitute extenuating circumstances when considering any penalty to be imposed upon Mr. Seldin.


The present WBC Board of Governor’s ruling is based on the facts as known to the WBC at the time of the ruling and on any extenuating circumstances as set forth above.

Based on the Findings in Mr. Seldin’s “A” and “B” February 1, 2017, samples, and taking into account all factors set forth above, including any extenuating circumstances, the WBC has ruled as follows:

a. The WBC hereby rules that Mr. Seldin shall be suspended for participating in any WBC-sanctioned bouts for a period of six (6) months from the date he provided the sample that resulted in the Findings (February 1, 2017) or until August 1, 2017; and

b. VADA, pursuant to the WBC CBP, shall design a specific random testing protocol for Mr. Seldin at his own cost and expense. The VADA-designed protocol shall commence as soon as feasible after this ruling and shall continue for one-year thereafter.