Exclusive: Mayweather fighter Theophane wants boss to fight McGregor, praises stablemate Davis

Joe Hewlett 05/04/2017
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A potential mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is edging closer by the minute with both men publicly stating they want the fight.

Mayweather has confirmed he will come out of retirement for one last fight to take on the UFC superstar in a highly-anticipated crossover bout.

Trash talking has already begun between the pair, with the Irishman vowing to KO Mayweather in a fight he’s deemed as ‘The Billion-Dollar Fight.’ 

The situation has quickly grabbed the public’s imagination with Mayweather’s friend and fighter, Ashley Theophane hopeful of his boss returning for one last fight.

“If Floyd fights Conor then it will be a great fight and both sides are saying they want it so I can definitely see it happening,” Theophane exclusively told World Boxing News.

“If both sides keep saying they both want it then it’s just the in-between that needs to be agreed. I would love to see him come back for one last fight and experience him in training camp again.

“I feel blessed to have gone to five or six fights and would love to see him box one last time because when he fights he makes Vegas come alive. When he fights, it’s more than just a boxing match, it’s an event and the build-up is unreal.

“That’s why he gets paid so much. fans all over the world travel to Vegas to go and see him so if he fights McGregor then it will be crazy.”

Theophane is a huge admirer of Mayweather’s prodigy Gervonta Davis after witnessing his brutal KO of José Pedraza in January. The Londoner believes the 22-year-old has all the skills to become the next superstar of boxing.

“Gervonta very good, I first watched him in sparring when he came over to Vegas and believe me he has got a lot of power. I have never seen someone knock so many people out in sparring and some of these guys were bigger than me,” said the former British champion.

“He’s got a great team around him and has a brilliant story with his trainer being with him since day one in the amateurs. After his most recent fight, Floyd asked me, ‘how did he look?’ and I responded saying, ‘he looks like a future star’. He looks like the real deal and can become a three-weight world champion as long as he stays focused and continues to work hard.

“I’ve seen so many amateur and professional stars who have had so much talent but they haven’t gone on to achieve what someone like myself has. Just look at Tony Bellew, he won the world title at his third attempt and then moved up to heavyweight to defeat a big star in David Haye.

“If you have no quit in you then you can achieve anything,” he added.

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