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Home » Conor McGregor’s boxing video just shows him getting tagged

Conor McGregor’s boxing video just shows him getting tagged

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Although the clip initially went under the radar, Conor McGregor’s last boxing video gave little away of the progress the Irishman is making since switching codes to boxing.

Initially released last month, McGregor’s 15 second post of him sparring could have been a direct attempt to serve to those dismissing his skills in the squared circle.

McGregor gets tagged twice in the video as he tries to get in and out of the danger zone without taking a punch, something that could prove far more difficult when facing someone like Floyd Mayweather.

Conor McGregor boxing

Since announcing his intention to cross codes, McGregor has been captured a few times participating in sparring, but hasn’t impressed, which may be a direct ploy to keep the sport guessing.

Many see ‘The Notorious’ as a massive underdog heading into his nine-figure Pay-Per-View clash with Mayweather, which could be finalized next month and confirmed for September.

Nobody could doubt McGregor’s punching power in the smaller gloves, but the money-maker is the big question of whether he can land and hurt Floyd for the duration of their contest.

It’s unlikely Mayweather will be able to score the early KO some are predicting as ‘Money’ hasn’t stopped any fight legally since Ricky Hatton, and it’s far more likely McGregor will make it to the later rounds, probably to the final bell.

That gives the UFC champion a full 36 minutes to connect with Mayweather’s elusive chin and what a big percentage of MMA and boxing fans are willing to pay $99.95 to see.