Kudryashov v Duradola rematch for WBC Silver, winner faces Huck or Briedis for full belt

WBC 30/03/2017

Professional boxing show is scheduled to take place on May 20 in Rostov-on-Don, with the main feature being a rematch between a Russian cruiserweight boxer, 31 year old Dmitry Kudryashov (20-1-0, 20 КО) and a 36 year old Olanrewaju Durodola (24-3-0, 22 КО).

The fighters will battle for the WBC Cruiserweight Silver title, held by Kudryashov.

Kudryashov v Duradola bout also has the status of the Final Elimination. The winner of the bout must face the WBC world champion.

The history between Kudryashov and Duradola began in November of 2015 when in the city of Kazan the never-knocked-down Russian prospect was ready to fight for the vacant WBC Cruiserweight Silver (as the fate willed, a year later the same championship title was in Kudryashov’s hands after a fight with Santander Silgado, and it’s ownership will be challenged in the upcoming fight) in a fight versus a hard puncher from Nigeria. Back then not many could predict how this fight would end and what a buzz it would create.

Kudryashov lost the fight. To add to that it was a really hard technical knockout in round two (finishing off), having his first lost. Later the doping sample provided by the Nigerian showed a positive result, however quickly thereafter WBC acquitted Duradola. After a year and a half have passed the fighting paths of these athletes once again cross in a rematch.

Kudryashov nicknamed the Hammer, had no problems in fighting his opponents, literally sweeping everyone of his path. Since 2014 he is on the card of the largest tournaments organized by the Promotional Company “World of Boxing”. Experienced opponents like Juan Carols Gomez and Francisco Palacios managed to share only 74 seconds in total between them in their fights against the Hammer.

Namibian fighter Vikapita Meroro was able to hold his own ‘till round six only thanks to careful and clinch tactics. Posseing shattering punch power, Kudryashov is constantly enriching his technical tools. Two of Kudryashov’s last fights also ended early. Julius Ceasar Dos Santos and Santander Silgado found nothing to counter the Russian’s punching power.

Duradola nicknamed the God’s Power. Similar to Kudryashov he also has a knockout punch power and has managed to finish most of his fights early. Duradola took part in the Olympic games in Beijing, after which he decided to turn pro. In January of 2014 he got a right to challenge the title of the NABF North American champion in a fight versus a South African Tobisio Mchunu, losing on scorecards.

Since then Duradola held four victorious bouts, and helped Denis Lebedev prepare for the fight with Youri Kalenga. In November of 2015 he won a fight versus Kudrayshov, taking the vacant WBC Silver title losing during its first defense to Mariusz Breidis (eventually Breidis vacated the title). Later, Duradola took two early wins in a row and once again has a chance to challenge the championship