Shocker: Eubank Sr. contacts Hearn regarding 168-pound son facing heavyweight Bellew

WBN 27/03/2017

Lawrence Lustig / WBC

Chris Eubank Sr. followed through on a recent Twitter exchange between his son Chris Jr. and WBC cruiserweight champion-turned heavyweight Tony Bellew.

Despite a weight gap of some 40 plus pounds, Eubank Jr. offered to face Bellew following some criticism from the David Haye conqueror leading to his father amazingly contacting Matchroom Sport promoter Eddie Hearn about putting the contest together.

“Senior messaged me and asked if there were any legs in this and I was just – 15 stone and he wants to fight Tony Bellew? – A middleweight calling out a heavyweight? – I don’t know what to say,” Hearn told IFL TV.

“It was bizarre. And they are actually saying, ‘do you want to have a chat about this?’ and I’m like ‘no.’ I told (Tony) that (about the Eubank contact) and he was like ‘what?’ He just thought it was half a joke on Twitter.

“But Eubank likes calling out these guys, it gets people talking about him, but he just never fights them, that’s all,” he added. 

Eubank currently holds the IBO super-middleweight belt and is on the lookout for a first defence, but by the sounds of it, may have been willing to meet Bellew in the middle for what seems a non-starter of an encounter.

Bellew is being linked to a return with Haye, which seems the logical choice, whilst Eubank will probably feature on ITV Box Office at some point in the spring against an as yet un-named IBO contender.