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Dina Thorslund backed for Euro success this weekend

Skovgaard, won the European Championship twice as an amateur and once as a professional, and is considered to be one of the greatest Danish female boxers of all time.

Now retired, the 36 year-old says she has been impressed with what she has seen from Thorslund, and believes the young fighter can ‘go all the way’.

“Dina has everything it takes to reach the highest level in the professional game,’’ she says. ‘’It’s difficult to see any weaknesses right now, and she’s super entertaining to watch.

“She has quick hands and quick feet, and it’s her footwork in particular, which I really enjoy watching. It’s her balance and low center of gravity that allows her to punch so hard. She has been very well schooled.

“She looks terrifying in the ring sometimes, and you can tell that intimidates her opponents, but at the same time, she is able to remain calm and relax, which is very important.

“There is no limit to how far she can reach if she continues to develop. She already has an enormous power, and the potential to get even better. I think she can go all the way.

‘’Winning the World Youth Championship was a good milestone for her and the European Championship will be another important milestone in her career. I have no doubt that, very soon, she will be ready to fight for a World title”.

Thorslund’s European title challenge against Mezei comes on the undercard of the hotly anticipated European Featherweight Championship clash between local hero Dennis Ceylan and undefeated British boxer Isaac Lowe.

Tickets for the Nordic Fight Night are available online via or by calling 70 263 267. All the action will be shown live and exclusive across Scandinavia on Viaplay Fighting. For more information, please visit