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Home » Canelo: Chavez Sr. one of the best, but has no influence on son’s fight

Canelo: Chavez Sr. one of the best, but has no influence on son’s fight

Canelo was surrounded by the legend that is Julio Cesar Chavez for a four-stop media obligation promoting the May 6 clash with his former WBC title holding son at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Chavez is a hero for Canelo, although that respect will go out of the window for the duration of his catchweight bout with Chavez Jr. as the 26 year-old bids to be classed as the best fighter from their home country.

“The rivalry has always been there between Julio César Chávez, Jr. and I, but obviously during the tour there were a lot of things said behind the cameras that made it even more intense. We’re going to work really hard to give everyone a great fight,” said Canelo.


“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–Julio César Chávez, Sr. is one of the best, if not the best fighter in history. I grew up watching him and learned a lot from him, but that won’t have any influence when I fight his son.

“You haven’t seen the best of me. Every fight I keep getting better, and I hope this one brings out the best in me,” he added.

Chavez Jr. is in last chance saloon regarding being involved in the biggest fights around and will need to be meticulous in making weight in order to be in tip-top shape for a PPV bout against his biggest rival.