Sylvester Stallone shares Rocky III snap of real punch landed on pro boxer

Sylvester Stallone Joe Frazier

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Sylvester Stallone has released a new batch of photos from his most iconic scenes filming the Rocky movies.

Between 1976 and 1984, Rocky dominated the film landscape as the world fell in love with down and out character Rocky Balboa as he made it into the big time.

Four pictures were sent out by Stallone in the most recent posts, some of which are from the original Rocky and Rocky follow-up, whilst another is from Rocky III.

By the third installment, Rocky was world champion having dethroned Apollo Creed in their anticipated rematch before embarking on a series of title defenses.

In the final shot, Balboa defeats one of a list of ‘arranged’ title bouts by trainer Mickey Goldmill before his death in the run-up to the clash with Clubber Lang.

Stallone stated he employed real fighters to take REAL punches, like the photo you see from the Instagram post.

Commenting on the photo, Stallone said: “Flying high Now !!!!!! Sorry to go back in time but I’ve never seen this one either and I just thought I’d share .

“This was from one of the flights during the opening montage in Rocky three when we first introduced the song ” EYE OF THE TIGER” this was a real fighter who is paid a goodly sum to take a flying right hook.

“I wanted to make it realistic, but I actually felt bad afterward.”

Winning a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Balboa in ‘Creed’ from 2015, Stallone is currently working on ‘Expendables 4’, ‘Escape Plan 2’, ‘Scarpa’ and ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2’ – among other projects.