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Home » License confusion reigns over Tyson Fury’s comeback

License confusion reigns over Tyson Fury’s comeback

The 28 year-old made an astonishing return announcement on Monday despite the fact suspension, mental evaluation and fitness issues persist.

BBBofC Secretary Robert Smith was first to shoot Fury down by stating to Sky Sports: “My understanding is a fact – he’s suspended, so that’s it.

“He’s got a number of issues to consider before we even consider lifting a suspension.

“We’ve not had any contact with Mr Fury or any of his team since he was suspended. We understand there is a hearing taking place for anti-doping, and until that matter is dealt with, the suspension will stay in place.

“(UKAD) carry out all of our anti-doping issues. His BBBofC (license to box) is suspended until his UKAD hearing, on our behalf, has taken place. I’m hoping to hear a final date shortly, within the next month or so.

“Mr. Fury has a number of issues. It’s not a matter of clicking your fingers – there are medical issues to consider, for his best interest.

“We have not heard from Mr Fury – if he wants his suspension lifted, he must contact us to find out what he needs to do. He must send us documentation, for us to consider.”

Fury replied swiftly with:

The BUI then said this, according to a spokesman and The Daily Mirror: “No such application has been made or received by the Boxing Union of Ireland.

“We’d have to respect the decision of any affiliated body where he is suspended – he can’t go county shopping for a license.”